2022-23 Parking Tag Regulations
Please read all the rules and regulations below, before completing the required paperwork:

* Cars will be ticketed and/or towed at owners’ expense for violation of parking regulations. Parking is a privilege that may be revoked without a refund for parking violations.
1. No cruising on Pearman Dairy Road between 3:50-4:30.  No cruising the car-rider area in the front of the school, or any other school parking lot at any time.
2. Once a student drives on campus, he/she is considered ‘at school’ and must check out legally in the front office to leave campus again.
3. Students may not loiter (hang-out) in the parking lot before, during, or after school. Students must exit their vehicles & report directly to the school building immediately upon arrival at school.
4. Parking tickets with fines--- Unpaid parking tickets will result in loss of parking privilege and/or will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense if parked on campus.
5. Vehicles on the campus of Westside High School must have a current Westside High School parking “hangtag.” –The hangtag must be hanging from the rearview mirror & the car must be in a marked parking space.
6. Any student vehicle parked anywhere on campus other than the student parking lot will likely be towed and parking privileges will be revoked.
7. Radios and sound systems must be kept at a volume that cannot be heard outside of the vehicle while the vehicle is within 300 feet of the Westside High School campus.
8. Students will not be allowed to go to the student parking lot during the school day to get items left in the car without permission from an Administrator. Students caught going to the parking lot during the school day, without administration approval, will have their driving privileges revoked for a minimum of nine weeks.
9. Students must get a temporary permit from the guidance office immediately upon arrival when driving a car onto the Westside campus without a permit (Front Office).
10. Anderson Five Career Campus/Southwood Academy of Arts students must ride the bus from Westside to their respective campuses and return from their respective campuses via the school bus to Westside. Students may not transport other students to the Anderson Five Career Campus or Southwood Academy for any reason.
11. Parking permits cost $20.00 and are valid for the current school year only.
12. Parking “hang tags” may not be transferred to other students. Any student who allows someone else to use their parking “hang tags” will lose their parking privilege for the remainder of the school year.  Parking “hang tags” cannot be shared! (One person- -per $20 --per parking “hang tag” purchase.)
13. Students must operate their vehicles in a safe and proper manner at all times on ANY Anderson 5 County School campus. Student drivers must obey school rules and the Discipline Code.
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The school is not responsible for the vehicles parked on campus.  By parking on school property, the person in charge of any vehicle consents to search of the entire vehicle and its contents, with or without cause, by the school officials or police officers.

I have received, read, and understand the above rules.  If I purchase a new vehicle or substitute my primary vehicle, I understand that it is my responsibility to notify an administrator.  I understand it is my responsibility to follow the rules and that if I violate any of the rules, I may receive a work detail, ISS term, my automobile may be towed away, and/or I may forfeit my privilege to park and drive on the campus.
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