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The reality of training outdoors is that the weather is in charge. TOETT adheres to the rules City of Burlington lifeguards use regarding pool operations during inclement weather: if it happens there is rain but NO lightning and/or thunder the program will run (as riding in the rain is great training). If there is lightning or thunder in the 30mins prior to the start of the session, the session will be cancelled. If there is lightning or thunder, during a session, the session will be end at that point. If a session is cancelled due to inclement weather, we will do our best to contact all athletes asap via email. A make up session is planned into all programs providing us with flexibility in the schedule. We hope you can appreciate that there are no guarantees, and the uncertainty is simply the reality of the outdoors. Thank you
Equipment - Bike Programs ONLY
To participate in the Bike Handling Skills program the following are required: (1) a properly fitting helmet which has not been involved in any accidents or crashes, which has no visible signs of damage, which has not past its expiry date, which can be adjusted to fit the participant properly, (2) a safe and fully functional bike, and (3) flat pedals - clipped pedals (i.e. toe cages) and clipless pedals are not permitted. Participants who do not have safe equipment will NOT be permitted to participate. It is recommended that all participants have their helmet and bike inspected by the retail staff and bike mechanics at Brant Cycle prior to the start date of the program. There will be NO bike mechanics or sales staff onsite during the program.
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