Startup Tucson Course Catalogue Application
Thanks for your interest in applying as a content partner for the Startup Tucson Course Catalogue.

The Startup Tucson Course Catalogue is a platform to offer entrepreneurs a wide variety of courses from diverse partner organizations and individuals.

In order to ensure the best possible experience for the entrepreneurs and also our content partners, the Catalogue adheres to the following guidelines and follows the process below.

- All complete applications are vetted by the Startup Tucson Advisory Committee to ensure vision/mission alignment, quality control, and consistency. An application does not guarantee placement in the Catalogue.
- If approved for content, partners will then work with Startup Tucson to agree on a model for ticket sales and minimum number of participants based on level of organizational and logistical support required of Startup Tucson including any relevant profit sharing. Pricing will be based on whatever you feel is market competitive and commensurate with the content.
- Once listed in the Catalogue, Courses will only be scheduled once the agreed upon minimum number of entrepreneurs have expressed interest or registered. Startup Tucson will market the Catalogue itself.
- After that point, there is an option to run a targeted marketing campaign to recruit any additional participants, if desired.
- All Courses that occur must include the Startup Tucson satisfaction survey for our reporting purposes.

Overall, the Catalogue is designed with Startup Tucson's mission in mind to assist entrepreneurs. If considering applying to list a Course -- this should be the primary focus -- NOT sales.
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