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How do I decide who to nominate?

This is a big decision in the life of a church as leadership is so important to the health and vision of a congregation. Following Paul and Barnabas’s example in Acts 14:23 we suggest you give time to prayer and fasting as you consider who to nominate.

We also strongly encourage you consult the New Testament scriptures on the characteristic of church elders and deacons. These include 1 Timothy 3:1-12 and Titus 1:5-9. Remember, no man is perfect, but it is important that church leaders be held to a high standard of moral and ethical behavior as well as being knowledgeable of Scripture. The current elders and minsters are available if you have any questions about the specific qualities listed in Scripture. Feel free to consult with them.

You may also want to ask yourself these questions:

Whom do you respect enough to follow and obey as an elder?
From whom have you learned the Word of God?
Who has taught you Scripture and doctrine privately or publicly?
To whom would you go if you needed counseling in your spiritual life?
Who has ministered to you in a pastoral way?

Do I need to ask the person I nominate for permission to nominate them before I submit their name?

No. However, it may help the process if you are considering nominating someone and they are not currently willing to serve or feel unqualified for service.

Will everyone who is nominated be asked to serve?

No. The current eldership will give consideration to every nominee but through communal prayer and the leading of the Spirit may not ask everyone who has been nominated to serve. Several factors play into these decisions. The current elders are always available to discuss with you any questions you have in this process. We do believe that wherever two or three are gathered in the name of the Lord that the Lord will grant wisdom to make the best decisions. We rest on that promise.

"Proper biblical government by elders does strengthen the church, and the biblical norm for church leadership is a plurality of God-ordained elders. Furthermore, it is the only pattern for church leadership given in the New Testament. Nowhere in Scripture do we find a local assembly ruled by majority opinion or by one pastor."
– John MacArthur

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