ACVA Pilot Application
Welcome to the ACVA application form! We can't strive how important it is to be 100% honest in these questions. Thank you for considering the ACVA. Please allow up to 48 hours to hear back from us after submitting your application.

Air Canada Virtual requires all applicants to complete a theory and practical flight session. Your theory test will be attached to this application form.
Important Note:
Please note, persons who join our slack and show no signs of activity within the first 7 days will be deactivated by staff. We reserve the right to deactivate anyone with little to no notice and without reason.
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(Callsign must be between 100 and 999, do not add ACVA or Air Canada XXXVA) Please note that your preferred callsign may already be taken. Upon entry to Air Canada Virtual, you will be asked if you have a second choice in the event your first pick is taken.
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