DIVA Festival 2020 (Ghana)
Looking for an event that celebrates African women in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship? This is it!

At DIVA Festival, you will meet, network and interact with tech influencers, attend various masterclasses and workshops, gain more insights about the tech ecosystem, be exposed to job opportunities, get access to industry experts and most importantly, have fun!

Date: TBD

We seek to:
~ provide African women with the skills, networks, information and opportunities to position them to take advantage of technology
~ create a platform for African women to network, share their journeys and inspire each other
~ support African women innovators and connect them to life-changing opportunities and role models in the fields of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship

In case you have questions or need further information, please call/Whatsapp +233555552836 or email divafest@developersinvogue.org


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