Build Your Own Care Package from The Ripped Bodice
Welcome to the Ripped Bodice Custom Care Package Builder!

The easiest way for us to create and fill these orders is through google forms, and it gives you the most options! If you have any questions, please email us at and we will help you out.

Once you place your order, it takes us about 48-72 hours to process it (unless you request a specific book that we do not have in stock, which will increase your processing time). Once your order is packed, we send you a Paypal invoice for the full amount of everything selected. As soon as it's paid, we print out your shipping label and send you your tracking information.

You can order as many packages as you'd like, please fill out a separate form for each package.

If you have already gotten a package and are ordering another one, we recommend you remind us what we sent you so we don't accidentally send you the same thing again!

Let's build your package!
Let's start with new books. How many would you like?
Do you want to choose the titles, or would you like us to surprise you?
Clear selection
If you want to be surprised, feel free to give us some guidance: sub-genre, tone, recent faves etc. Also let us know if you have a preference for mass-market or trade paperback books.
If you want to choose your own titles, let us know what you'd like here: (if we do not have a specific book in stock it can add a few days to your processing time)
Would you like to add any used books? They are $3 each. You cannot pick the specific titles but you can pick the subgenre! If yes, how many used books would you like to add?
I would like my used books to be: (you can choose more then one) (while we'll do our best, we can't promise to honor requests for used books other then the subgenres below because our stock is very low)
You can also add used category romances. Those are the real skinny ones with loony titles. They are only 1 dollar a piece. How many would you like to add?
Blind Date with a Book! Our most popular item! These are used romance novels that are wrapped in fun paper and have a short description of the plot on the front. $5 each. I would like to add:
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How about a wooden bookmark!? +$10
Would you like to add any fun non-book items!? Feel free to select as many as you'd like. We will choose from our awesome stock of small makers! (you can see photos of our swag on our website)
If you added a card, would you like to be for a specific occasion/sentiment (i.e. happy anniversary or thank you)? If not, we'll just chose something general and fun.
If you added a card, would you like us to write a message on it for you? If so, include it below: make sure you sign it so they know who it's from!
Would you like some of our delicious Trope Tea? (+$11) You can see pics and details on our website.
What is your full name?
What is the email address we should send your Paypal invoice to?
What is the full shipping address where you would like this shipped?
To: From: (feel free to leave this blank if it's for you!)
Because we are sending you a Paypal invoice, we can make sure we charge you exactly for shipping. So these are rough estimates:
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Questions, comments, concerns, jokes, general good vibes:
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