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Good news! I have finally begun the process of creating a how-to-grow cannabis at home online course... this time with professional help. Please take a few minutes and give me as much info as you are comfortable sharing. You've got my word that none of this info gathering will be used for nefarious purposes. I'm making these questions up myself to help better understand to whom I will be teaching. Thank you for your time and help. ✌️
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In what country do you reside?
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If in the US, what state do you live in?
Do you grow medicinal herbs at your residence?
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(If you answered No to the previous question, the computer will jump you to the next section. If you want to answer the next several questions, answer yes, I'd like to, or I'd rather not say.)
Even if you answered No, check out these questions... some of them are funny.
How satisfied with your abilities are you as a grower?
I wish I would never had started...
I'm the shit! There's no one better
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Do you feel like you have room to improve?
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On average, how would you grade the quality of product you are currently producing?
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What resources did you use to learn how to grow? (check all that apply)
Describe your current grow space.
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How much would you say you've spent in total over the years on your grow hobby (addiction)? (including equipment, construction, supplies, divorce, etc.)
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How much have you spent over the years on educational material learning to grow? (books, other media, web courses, web membership, consultants) Type your best estimate because I doubt it's over $1,000
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