How strong is my core?
Many times dancers struggle with core weakness and don't even know it! You may have undiscovered strength in your core, hidden by some dance "habits" that you may have struggled with for years. All of the things listed below are hidden signs of core weakness in dancers. Do you have any that are holding you back from dancing your best? Take the quiz to find out!
I look down when I dance. *
My shoulders raise up when I dance. *
I have stiff elbows, wrists, or hands when I dance *
I have a snapping or popping hip. *
I struggle with turnout. *
I hold my breath when I dance. *
I bite my lips or hold my mouth funny when I dance. *
I stick my tongue out when I dance. *
I can't control my hyperextension when I dance. *
I have tight hamstrings that won't relax, no matter how much stretching I do. *
My ankles sickle out when I releve and I have difficulty balancing. *
I generally have decreased flexibility and am "tight all over." *
My knees bend slightly in releve or during turns and I can't straighten them. *
I have plantar fasciitis or foot/toe pain. *
I have off and on back pain. *
My back arches when I dance and I have difficulty correcting it. *
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