Application for frank2017 scholarship
Through the generosity of the Al and Nancy Burnett Charitable Foundation, we are offering 6 scholarships to attend frank2107. The scholarship will cover the registration fee and give the recipeint access to all events and activities related to the gathering. These scholarships are designed for those interested pursing in a career in public interest communications or who are passionate about a career dedicated to creating positive social change . The scholarship is open to all UF seniors. Recipients of the scholarship must attend the main stage events from Feb. 28 until March 3. While the evening events are not mandatory, it is highly encouraged to attend.
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At frank, we bring together the leading minds that are driving positive social change by funding it, studying it or practicing it. We bring the rabble-rousers, the do-gooders, those who look Goliath in the eye and say “bring it.” Our franksters come from nonprofits, foundations, corporations, classrooms, board rooms and more. So, please tell us a bit more about yourself and why you would like to join the frank community. *
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