Propose work for Interfaces Monthly
Interfaces Monthly is a regular get-together for people working at the junction of art and technology, organised by the Barbican and The Trampery. A platform for ideas and exchange, each event includes selected artwork, presentations and discussions in an informal social setting with a low-priced bar. The event is designed to be open and experimental, and encourages submissions that go against the grain, whether demos, installations, workshops, talks, panel discussions or otherwise.

If you’d like to show your work, give a talk, or host a discussion we’d love to hear from you.

Proposals could be:
- Installations
- Performances
- Demos
- Presentations
- Panel Discussions
- Music
- Workshops

Whatever your combination of art and technology, please submit your details in the form below!

What we can provide:
- Venue
- Promotion
- Network
- Introductions & connections to partners
- Some tech support
- We may be able to assist with transport costs if you need to bring bulky equipment
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