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Welcome to Creative Activities in Lockdown, run by the National NHS England Social Prescribing Champion Scheme.

Our wonderful students have put together a timetable of creative activities, with something on there for everyone. If you fancy learning a new cuisine, learning how to knit, or joining an online book club, this is the place to do it.

Being in lockdown isn't easy, and there's a pressure to remain constantly productive. We believe in "socially prescribing" ourselves creative activities, to help ease loneliness, and to create an online community during these difficult times.

Run by medical students, open to ANYONE with an interest in healthcare or being creative.
Sign up to as many or as few classes as you want! They will all run for about 40 minutes :)

Once you register using your email, we will send you a Zoom link invitation and further information on your selected class/classes.

See you all soon :)

Information on the classes:

Writing Club - A mix of reflective writing, journaling and creative writing prompts from Sophia, these sessions are for novices and practiced-poets alike! Journaling is a great way to clarify your thoughts and feelings, get to know yourself better, reduce stress, improve problem-solving skills, and research suggests it improves our physical and mental health too! You may have had a chance to do this before, or you may be coming to this for the first time. Either way, Sophia will be guiding you through different exercises, with no obligation to share your works. Journaling will be most effective if you do it daily for about 20 minutes, so there will be encouragement to try this out, but again, no obligation! More than anything, this writing club is simply a chance to come together to connect and put pen to paper with an open and curious mind. The most important rule of all, is that there are no rules! Just come and have fun!

Play Reading - Bring the theatre to life at home and join us for a virtual read through of a play! A fun and interactive session, welcome to all. No previous acting experience required. Costumes are more than welcome (in fact, encouraged)!

Doodling Session - Ever wondered how to doodle? Join us for a class on the basics of doodling: how to use it for creative purposes, note taking, or anything you want! All you need a piece of paper and as many/as little coloured pens as you want:)

Book/Poetry Club - BYOB - B = book of course! Bring a favourite book or poem you've discovered in lockdown and join Florence, Nitya and Seerat for a chat about what you've been reading. Hopefully we can get some good discussion going and all share some recommendations / get some suggestions for something we can read together, and maybe can get a bit more of a 'traditional' book club going!

Juggling - Ever wanted to learn how to juggle?! Join Henry who can teach you the basics within a 45min session over Zoom, so that either during the call, or very soon after - you will be able to juggle with 3 balls no problem! All you will need is 3 round things..... Juggling balls are great, as are tennis balls, but so are oranges!

Indian Cooking Class - Do you know your garam masala from your gram flour? Join Kimi & Sid for an evening of Indian cookery, all abilities welcome. Learn how to add a kick of flavour with some authentic Indian recipes and hopefully get some tasty food out of it too!

Guitar for Beginners - Want to learn to play the guitar? Join the free zoom session for an introduction to the 4 chords that basically lets you play most of the music in existence. Hopefully you'll come away from this session armed with tools to then continue on your new found journey to guitar mastery without needing to pay for any lessons if costs has been one of the barriers to your guitar learning! Don't have a guitar or can't get one before the session? There will be alternative app to give it a go and what you learn from the session would make sense when you come to transfer the knowledge to a physical guitar. You'll also be armed with tools to continue your guitar journey at your pace and without needing to pay for lessons.

Knitting 101 - Ever wanted to make your own hat or scarf? Out of ideas for birthday presents? Join us for a crash-course on beginners knitting! After this session you will have mastered how to do a long cast on, 1x1 rib stitching, decreasing and casting off! You will need: chunky thick wool (80 meters) and 1 x pair of knitting needles 12mm/ US17. All abilities welcome :)

Poetry Class - Bring your favourite poem, to be read aloud (either by yourself if you are happy to, or our facilitator) and we can go round as a group and discuss each other's picks!

Nigerian Cuisine - Ever heard of Jollof rice? (FYI to join the session you must agree Nigerian jollof rice is better than Ghanaian Jollof rice...just kidding...maybe). Does yam and plantain sound alien to you? Come along to the session to learn how easy it is to whip up some Nigerian cuisine. Those signed up before hand will vote for the dish they would like for the session, Jollof rice & fried plantains vs fried yams & plantain. These dishes can be made vegan with very little effort and in the session we will use vegan alternatives for the 1 or 2 ingredients that usually make the dishes non-vegan. You'll also get tips on how to put your own flare to the dish and tailor it to your preferences without compromising on the taste of the dish. These dishes are staples of Nigerian cuisine and most are stars of African food parties.
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