Towards ROS for HRI
Thank you for accepting to take part to this survey!
The results will be used to inform the design of a new proposal ('REP') for conventions and interfaces for Human-Robot Interaction software in the ROS ecosystem.
What are the sub-field(s) of HRI you are most involved with? *
Are you already a ROS user? *
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What are the key software/tools you rely on? *
Can be either ROS or non-ROS tools. Both open-source and proprietary are fine. For example, Google Speech recognition, OpenFace, the Kinect skeleton tracker...
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What is/are the most important HRI-related type(s) of data you manipulate?
For instance, audio streams, models of human emotions, kinematic models of humans, dialogues... If you use existing ROS messages, please list them as well so that we consider them.
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What would you like the 'ROS for HRI' standard to include?
You can also list here special HRI use-cases or applications where you might want to use standard 'ROS for HRI' interfaces
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Your university/organisation
This optional field will only be used to assess how well this survey 'covers' the community.
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Get me involved!
If you wish to get further involved with the 'ROS for HRI' proposal, leave your email below. It will *solely* be used to reach out about this proposal, and *will not be shared* with any third party. Expect one or two emails towards the end of the Summer 2018.
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