HermitLite Server Application (Season 2)
Read everything carefully, and fill out this form completely to be considered for HermitLite whitelist. (We check applications Every Day and respond right Away. Please check your email Junk-Spam folders if you do not get a response right away.) Thank You and good luck! -We look forward to building with you!
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HermitLite Season 2 Rules
1) Be respectful and courteous. No griefing, stealing, or causing other mayhem. (Pranks are okay, but claim your prank so it is not accidentally taken as griefing or something malicious)

2) Do not argue with staff. This does not mean you cannot disagree, but when staff has rendered a decision you are not allowed to engage in an argument with them over discord or in game chat. If you wish to dispute a ruling follow the appeals process.

3) No basing, storing items (except for build process materials), camping, PVP, or disrupting community areas. These include but are not limited to Shopping district, Spawn, Nether Hub, and Patron Shrine.

4) No PVP without player consent. Even if a player angers you, PVP is only allowed if all parties have agreed. If you are participating in a server game that involves PVP this is considered consent. PVP on community areas is still forbidden even with consent keep PVP to designated areas and in the open wild world.

5) Respect other players builds. If a player is clearly building their base in a specific biome, for example a mesa, do not mine out their area cause you need terracotta.

6) No hacks, x-ray, or cheats. This does not include auto clickers to AFK fish or AFK mob farm, these are okay. Auto clickers are not okay in PVP. Any program used to cheat, or exploit used to gain advantage is against the rules.

7) No item duping. Exception TNT duping for use in auto miners and quarry machines is okay. No other duping is allowed.

8) Limit zero tick, cramming farms, and lag proof as much as possible. Redstone machines, and awesome farms are awesome and we love them. Please do your best to give them on/off switches and keep them as lag proof as possible so we all get to enjoy a good low lag experience.

9) Give your neighbors space. If you see a player has clearly began to setup their base in an area you were interested in either move your location as they already claimed it, or ask them if they mind you being a close neighbor.

10) If you are producing video or other recorded content on the server, obtain permission from others before showing their builds, recording them, or putting them in your content. Some players have no interest.

11) Keep chat generally clean. Avoid vulgarity, No cursing, racial slurs, sexually explicit comments, or other offensive talk. Avoid religion and political discussions.

12) We are all friends here! This is hermit survival we help each other and play together. This doesn't mean everything you want is given to you, you still have to build your own survival, but interacting with your fellow players is key to success and the goal is for us all to have loads and loads of fun!
I have read and understand HermitLite Rules *
Shopping District Rules
The following outlines the rules and process for purchasing and opening your own shop in the shopping district.

1) Head to the shopping district and locate one of 8 purchase stations, each has 1 anvils, 1 barrel, and is marked with a sign.

2) Shop parcels nearest the shopping district hub are pre-measured and marked, beyond this area parcels are sold in 11x11 chunks (or 121 blocks for odd shaped plots) for 1 Diamond Block per parcel.

3) Use the provided anvils to rename diamond blocks for each parcel you wish to buy as follows, CHARACTER NAME - SHOP NAME. Then place the diamond blocks in one of the barrels.

4) Build your shop! Make sure you designate your shop borders nicely so others do not accidentally build over or in area you have for your shop. Please leave 5 block spaces in all directions between shops.

5) Label your shop with a sign that has shop name and your name so it is easily identified.

6) Remember all space you use x and z counts to your block limit. (y space is limited). This includes landscaping around your shop to make it look nice as well.

7) After your shop is done the server Steward will inspect your plot to make sure it is sized properly and you're all set. In the event your shop is too large or violates some other rule you will be contacted by a mod on the issue and how to fix it. If your parcel is good the Steward will place the diamond blocks you paid for your shop on the diamond shrine!

8) Leave space between builds. Don't put your plot right on top of another players plot or right against their shop.

9) no building withing 10 blocks of the Diamond shrine community area.

10) Shops must have a certain amount of polish and design to them. This doesn't mean no dirt huts, it does however mean it better be a really really nice dirt hut. The server Steward can issue notices that a shop needs to be visually updated, or risk being auctioned off to a new owner for renovation.

11) Do not build a shop you cannot maintain or keep stocked. If you buy a shop keep in good working order, if you cannot keep it stocked with what you originally intended to sell feel free to change up what your shop offers. Shops that sit unstocked for 2 weeks in a row, or that have frequent excessive outage periods can be issued notice of potential auction.

12) No vulgar, or inappropriate builds.

13) No selling off a parcel for more than you paid for the parcel. If you buy a plot and wish to sell to a new owner you are not permitted to profit on the land space. What you sell the building and it's contents for is up to you and the buyer. If it is clear wealthier players are trying to profiteer off land flipping it will result in ban, no questions asked. This is just not a cool thing to do.

14) Renting out space, subletting, and micro markets are allowed. Rules for your rental prices etc must be clearly marked. Note renting space from another player is NOT overseen by moderators and staff, it is between you as responsible players. Staff will not refund rents if someone leaves the server, or if the person you rent from shuts down their shop. That is the risk you take renting from another player to get a cheaper 'shop' in the shopping district. That said intentional swindling or other acts by a player to rip off another fall under violation of server rules and will be dealt with accordingly.

15) No building shops outside of the shopping district. If you want to trade with other players that is obviously fine but do so openly. No setting up markets to shortcut the server shopping district or to avoid having to buy plots on the mooshroom island.
I have read and understand rules of the shopping district *
Issues Resolutions and Disputes
This section outlines the server policy for handling conflict resolution and disputes among players.

We are all here for a good time, but what is fun to some is not fun to everyone. Disputes are bound to happen. When one happens do the following.

1) Try and resolve the issue between you as players first. If staff does not need to intervene and you can handle the matter courteously please do so. Do not engage in fights on chat or discord.

2) If you cannot resolve the problem, use the in game ticket system to submit a ticket to staff to step in and handle the problem. Do not pester staff they will get to your ticket as they have time to resolve the issue.

What do you do if you suspect theft, griefing or other nefarious activities?

1) Submit a ticket through the in game ticket system. A mod will review the ticket and look into the issue as promptly as they can.

A moderator made a ruling you disagree with?

1) Submit an appeal using the ticket system on discord.

When in doubt submit a ticket. The in game ticket system is the easiest fastest way to get your questions answered.

To submit a ticket in game simply type /ticket
I have read and understand the issues resolution and disputes section *
Roof Hub-Highway
Season 2 on HermitLite is focused 100% on being community driven, that being said having the hub-highway allows players to get from point A to point Z and visit all players bases:
1. Label your portals (all of them) with your player name or what the portal holds.
2. Make an ice or soul sand/soil pathway that hooks into the hub pathways.
3. Members can label portal(s) and or pathway that you do not want people visiting and members are expected to respect this!
I have read and will follow the rules of the Roof Hub-Highway *
Discord Rules
Discord Rules
No questioning the Staff.
No @mentioning the Staff.
No asking to be granted roles | moderator roles. with the acceptation of requesting a YouTuber/streamer role but must actually meet the requirements
Contact the moderators under #support
No @everyone | @here mentioning without permission.
No @mentioning spam.
No pornographic content.
No NSFW content.
No illegal content.
No piracy.
No homebrew.
No personal attacks.
No witch hunting.
No harassment.
No sexism.
No racism.
No sexual discussions.
No flame wars.
Agree to disagree.
No trolling.
No spamming.
No excessive messaging (breaking up an idea in many posts instead of writing all out in just one post).
Keep Caps to a minimum.
Keep conversations in English.
Staff reserve the right to delete any post.
Staff reserve the right to edit any post.
Please post advertisements under #self-promo for Twitch or YouTube channels.
No links, photos, or gifs in unrelated channels.
Please do bot commands only under #bot-controller.
Please use the right text channel for the topic you wish to discuss.

No excessive voice chat channel hopping.
No annoying, loud or high pitch noises.
Reduce the amount of background noise, if possible.
Staff reserve the right to disconnect you from a voice channel if your sound quality is poor.
Staff reserve the right to disconnect, mute, deafen, or move members to and from voice channels.
If you are streaming/recording you must inform the players you are playing with to make sure the others are ok with being apart of your content.
If you invite a music bot to the channel make sure everyone is ok with it and agree with the music genre.


Your Discord name must match your in game name. This is to easily track tickets and help take care of issues you may have in game.
I have read and understand Discord rules *
The following will help us determine if this server will be a good fit for you, thank you for taking the time to fill out this application seriously as staff reads through each application fully.
Your Real First Name *
Your in game(Minecraft) name? *
Have you used other in game names? If yes list them here: (We check them all so please be honest) *
Age? *
Have you played on a Hermit style server before? *
Why do you believe you would be a good member of HermitLite? *
How many hours a day do you play Minecraft? *
As far as community activities what are you most excited to do? *
What are your personal goals for Season 2? *
What are your community goals for Season 2? *
Are you a content creator? If so which platforms to you produce content on? *
If you are a new player, did an existing player recommend this server and if so who was it? *
Where did you learn about HermitLite? *
The following will help us determine if we are a good fit for your in game play style. Thank you for taking the time to fill this assessment out honestly and fully, our staff will read through every question and answer.
1. You come across an unmarked bed with several chests. Everything else is untouched, what do you do? *
2. You find the perfect area for your season 2 base but in the middle of marking the area off you discover a bed and crafting table but nothing else. How do you proceed? *
3. You find the perfect spot for your season 2 base, sadly you have a major power outage, the next day when your power is back on you return to your perfect spot to find someone else have fully marked it off as there own. What do you do? *
4. You discover someone broke the front doors off your base and a creeper came in blowing up inside of your base, what do you do? *
5. You come back to your base after being away a couple of days to discover it is so full of chickens that you can hardly move around. What do you do? *
6. After hours of End Busting you are flying back to portal and suddenly die losing all the stuff you just got and all your gear which you don't get back to fast enough to save. What do you do? *
7. After contacting moderators about your lost items after your End death, Staff determines they cannot roll back your things. How do you handle this news? *
8. You put four diamond blocks in the barrel for your new shopping district plot, how big of a plot did you just buy? *
9. You suspect someone has been stealing items from your shop, what do you do? *
10. You are still upset that you did not get your items back after losing them in the End. When you log on to check your shop you find two fellow players stealing TNT and blowing up the shopping district, they offer you stolen TNT what do you do? *
11. A player is building a Zero Tick farm, he fires it up and is getting crazy amounts of sugar cane. Has he broken the rules and why? *
12. You find a sweet new texture pack, you load it up and for some reason you can see through terrain, and underground, making ores super easy to find. Would keeping this texture pack on be alright and why? *
13. You build a bookshop in the shopping district, another player messages you for stealing his business as he had the only book store in the district and threatens to contact staff cause you broke the rules. Did you and why? *
14. The season is getting late and you think that the shopping district is too full. How would you go about making a suggestion for a solution? *
15. You see a shop has been sitting empty for sometime, you know it could get auctioned soon, you decide to contact the owner through discord and ask if you could stock the shop for them while they are away. Is this okay, and why? *
16. You decide you are done with the season, what would be the most appropriate way to go about leaving the server? *
17. You gather the materials to summon the dragon, you are mid way through the fight when another player kills the dragon as they are running by, not taking any loot. Could this be considered a rules violation and why? *
18. An angry member of the community starts swearing and yelling in all caps on in game chat. Do you respond to this player, and if so how? If not how do you proceed? *
19. You suspect someone has stolen diamonds from your shop, you submit a ticket, a mod investigates and says they can find no evidence of anything suspect. You feel that the mod rushed their investigation. What would you do next? *
20. If you were asked to create and head up one community event or mini-game which would you choose and what would it be? *
What's Next?
What do you do next?

After you hit submit your application will be reviewed and scored.

Once that is done you will be place in queue based on the score of your application.

If your application is chosen to be whitelisted you will be notified at the email you provided with a unique one time use discord link do not share it with others.

As soon as you join the discord, hop into "New-Member" text room. Staff member will whitelist you in game so you can join the server.

Login information will be in the server information section of the discord.

**Please don't forget to check your email trash and spam as the response often ends up in those folders especially if you are a new player! Thank you!
I hear by Acknowledge that I have read everything on this form and all information provided is accurate. *
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