Reporters, what drives you?
New Public was formed to enable virtual matchmaking and collaboration between producers and editors that deliver local perspectives and stories to national audiences. We would like to get your feedback as we design this process, and invite you to be an early participant in what we believe will be a new pipeline of reporting and story production.

We are building a platform on which to work, so that we can have efficient licensing, payments and other processes to model industry standards of compensation and feedback. We want this to be a space for you to do your best work and represent the diversity of the country, as well as prioritize local reporting for broad audiences. Thank you for your time in helping us get off the ground.

This survey is in two parts: one is seeking your feedback about what works in editorial process, and the other is to gauge your interest in working with us. Please fill out as much as you can, but there are no required questions save this page, where we are seeking identifying information. We will not contact you unless you give us permission later in the survey.
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