2020 Forward Madison FC & Breese Stevens Field Employment Application
Big Top Events, LLC D.B.A. Breese Stevens Field is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, ancestry, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation or preference, or physical or mental disability.

Note: Please review all information before submitting. The information presented here will be used to contact you about employment and related materials like scheduling, training and orientation information, etc. Typos and/or misspellings in contact information may result in an inability for Big Top Events to offer employment. Thank you!
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Email is our primary way of notifying applicants of employment status, so please be sure to check the email you provide for accuracy before submitting. It is also our primary means of providing necessary employment information like orientation/training dates and employee schedules throughout the year.
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This is to ensure that we are able to follow employment guidelines as outlined by State and Federal laws regarding hours worked and ability to obtain certain licensing. Age bears no weight in any decisions to qualify individuals for employment opportunities.
Which positions are you most interested in at Breese Stevens Field? *
Choose top four positions of interest. Please refer to job descriptions, listed on BreeseStevensField.com, or inquire with a member of the Big Top Events staff before answering. Big Top Events staff can be reached at 608.622.1414
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Mixologist/Bartender (*Must be 18 Years of Age)
Beer Pourer (*Must be 18 Years of Age)
Concessions Manager
Concessions (Cashier)
Concessions (Cook)
Concessions (Runner)
Hospitality Server/Captain/Runner (*Must be 18 Years of Age)
Warehouse (*Must be 18 Year of Age)
Labor Crew Manager
Labor Crew Member
Parking Attendant
Security Personal
Cleaning Staff
Security Personnel
Ticket Office
A work permit is required before anyone under the age of 16 is allowed to work in any job with the exception of agriculture or domestic service work. Employers must have a work permit on file for the minor being employed before they may allow the minor to begin work. Work Permits must be obtained prior to scheduled training dates! Big Top Events, LLC will supply the necessary documentation required to obtain a work permit. Will you require a work permit? *
How did you hear about jobs available with the Big Top Events organization?
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Were you reffered by a current or past Big Top Events, LLC employee? If yes, please list name.
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Have you ever applied with Big Top Events before? If yes, when and for what position? *
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Have you ever been employed by Big Top Events? If yes, when and what position did you hold? *
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Have you ever been convicted of a felony? If yes, please explain. *
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What is your highest level of College, Vocational, or Business schooling completed?
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