Application for Fee Waiver & Sharing Information Consent
The Nebraska Public Elementary and Secondary Student Fee Authorization Act allows fee waivers for students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunches under United States Department of Agriculture child nutrition programs. The fee waivers give qualifying students the right to not have to pay certain student fees and to be provided with specialized materials for equipment to participate in certain activities. Specifically, the fee waiver applies to: (1) participation in extracurricular activities, (2) use of a musical instrument in optional music courses that are not extracurricular activities. Participation in a free-lunch program or reduced-priced lunch program is not required to qualify for free or reduced-price lunches for purposes of this section.

The Board’s Student Fee Policy 5520 states: Students or their parents are encouraged to request a fee waiver prior to participating in or attending the activity, and prior to purchase of the materials, and the Fee Waiver must be submitted prior to the conclusion of the activity. To request a fee waiver, or to decline a fee waiver, complete the following:

Do you want to apply for Fee Waiver? *
A "NO" Response indicates you do NOT want a fee waiver for any program or activities. A "Yes" Response indicates that you DO want a fee waiver and you are requesting a fee waiver for the following (Note: Please describe the fee waiver, materials, or equipment requested, and the activity or course; failure to make timely request for a fee waiver for any fees, equipment, material, or instrument not listed may result in a fee waiver not being provided)
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