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Terms & Conditions
* Safety First! Be responsible for your own actions. All decisions from the GameMasters (GM) are final.
* Do not interrupt a Quest Target if they are in the middle of a parade, stage show or interacting with customers or another player.
* No running.
* No cheating. Cheating will lead to removal from game.
* No stealing or other law breaking offenses. Lawbreakers will be removed from the game and may be prosecuted.
* No physical contact or combat with other players, customers or participants in the game unless supervised within designated areas.
* A player with any medical, physical or other conditions that may restrict them shall play at their own risk.
* Player agrees to indemnify and hold Renaissance Entertainment Productions (REP) harmless from any and all liability, expenses, losses and damage.
* Player grants licensing rights to REP and all of its subsidiaries for the rights to photography and use photographs, videotapes, films, etc. in perpetuity.
* Force Majeure Provision: In the event that REP does not conduct the quest by reason of conditions outside REP’s control, neither REP nor the player shall have any liability to the other whatsoever to continue play of the quest.
* No refunds.
* Player agrees to allow REP to post their name and/ or character name on the Faire’s website.
* REP will not share Player contact information with any other company or organization.
* All Players must sign and acknowledge the Code of Conduct.
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