Annenberg Media Leadership Fall 2021 Application
Apply to be a part of the next amazing crop of leaders at Annenberg Media!

Students and incoming students from all majors, backgrounds and experience levels are encouraged to apply. This application is the first step in a multi-step process. After your application form has been reviewed you will get an email with instructions for signing up for a test that will evaluate your news judgment, writing and editing skills.

The hiring process will likely stretch out over the summer as the newsroom evaluates its needs. Final decisions will be made in August and we'll keep you updated so please keep an eye on your email.

We'll ask for more specificity in your schedule during a later step in the process.

Faculty members will review test results with applicants, then work with current student leaders to interview candidates for lead roles. Selected candidates will be given a formal offer letter and detailed job description.

You can get more information about what it means to be a student leader, and important participation requirements at

You can find a description of the roles at: You can share this form using this link:

Important reminder: Students in select leadership positions will be required to participate in training and planning before the semester begins.

Current student leaders who want to return must fill out this form.

The deadline is April 16.

Please direct questions to Media Center Director Christina Bellantoni at
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I am nominating someone I think should apply to work at Annenberg Media. Please write the person's name and email. Also include a brief nomination paragraph about the person's qualifications and a role that might be a good fit. They will also need to complete this application form.
If you are only nominating someone else for a position and not applying yourself, you can enter N/A for all remaining required questions.
I have previously held a job on campus and am set up in the payroll system
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I have completed JOUR207 and JOUR307
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In one or two sentences what are your other commitments next semester (internships, extracurriculars, jobs, etc.)? *
Demographic questions (optional)
The following questions are to help us understand the demographics of our newsroom. They are optional. Your participation helps us know how people identify, and also provides a benchmark as we continue to make sure our newsroom reflects the city of Los Angeles and the USC community.
I can speak another language (or several):
How would you describe your racial and ethnic background?
Please identify your race/origin using these categories as described by the current or future U.S. Census. You can check more than one answer.
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