Audience to Visitor Guidelines
To assure that our "audience to visitors" is a good exchange between our community and the Board, we would ask that you respect the following process we follow at Charlotte Public Schools:

State your name and address prior to addressing the Board.
Keep your comments limited to 2-3 minutes.
Limit subject matter to issues only - please do not make any personal "attacks" directed at individuals.

The participation of the public at Board meetings is governed by CPS policy 0160, Section 0167.3. While the Board welcomes public participation in the form of expression or comment regarding matters of school operation, that opportunity is not intended to serve as a forum where the Board or district staff will be expected to then respond to inquiries or remarks made by the public. The board may direct appropriate staff to follow up on inquiries raised through public participation at Board meetings. If the inquiry involves a complaint against a staff member, the District, educational program or instructional materials, it will be processed in accordance with Policy 9130/Public Complaints.
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