NYC COVID-19 Need Form
Hey everyone!

We’ve reached 1,000 cash requests from individuals. With donations and a grant, we’re proud and grateful to be able to distribute cash to everyone who applied.

So far we have sent out cash to 347 people and are still in the process of sending money out to the remaining folks. So for now, we will be closing the form so we can catch up to our distribution and assess our future capacity to continue cash distribution.

We are pausing donations and any leftover money from this round of cash distribution will be distributed either in the form of supplies or additional cash.

Follow us on twitter (@NYCBLackAid) or email us at for regular updates on cash distribution and the other efforts of this project. Please note that we do not expect the form to be reopened before May 30, 2020.

If you’re in NYC and in need of support, please take a look at this page of resources.

Check back with us in a couple of weeks for an update.

In safety & love,

NYC Black Aid
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