2020 Ohio Five-OSU STEM Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Online Application - Text Link Version
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Please complete the online application form, with the attachments below, by Monday, February 3, 2020, to be considered for this summer's research opportunity at The Ohio State University. Before getting started, please have the following documents in PDF form ready for upload:

1) A PDF version of cover letter describing why you are interested in this internship, your current areas of interest (both your major and your specific research interests), a description of your previous laboratory or research experience, and your plans for the future. If you are applying in chemistry/biochemistry or statistics/biostatistics/epidemiology, you will need to identify five potential faculty of interest in this online application and explain these choices in your letter.

2) A PDF version of your college transcript. Unofficial transcripts are allowed. (You will also need to know your GPA to complete this application.)

3) A PDF version of your current resume or C.V.

Please also review the research opportunities available on our program website to rank your choice of labs in which you would be interested in working this summer. https://u.osu.edu/ohio5sure/

In addition, we ask that you supply a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or someone who knows your scientific ability well. Please ask your reference to email the letter directly to Susana Velazquez at the Five Colleges of Ohio at velazquezs@ohio5.org by February 3.

Questions? Call us at (440) 755-5501 or email Sarah Stone, Ohio Five Executive Director, at stones@ohio5.org.
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Our internship matches students to laboratories that have similar research interests. Please rank your top five research interests from the opportunities below:
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Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
Artsimovitch, Irina (Microbiology)
Brinkman, Mari/Ferketich, Amy (Epidemiology)
Bruschweiler, Rafael (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Bundschuh, Ralf (Physics)
Co, Anne (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Felix, Ashley (Epidemiology)
Forsyth, Craig (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Fredrick, Kurt (Microbiology)
Gupta, Jay (Physics)
Herbert, John (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Hiary, Ghaith (Mathematics)
Jackman, Jane (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Jaroniec, Christopher (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Lancaster, Kathy (Epidemiology)
Lndert, Steffen (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Magliery, Thomas (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Musier-Forsyth, Karin (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Orban, Christopher (Physics)
Pei, Dehua (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Pennell, Michael (Biostatistics)
Peruggia, Mario (Statistics)
Poirier, Michael (Physics)
Schnell, Patrick (Biostatistics)
Schultz, Zac (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Sealy-Jefferson, Shawnita (Epidemiology)
Sevov, Christo (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Shafaat, Hannah (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Sokolov, Alexander (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Sullivan, Matthew (Microbiology)
Thomas, Christine (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Wade, Casey (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Wozniak, Dan (Microbiology)
Zhang, Shiyu (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
If you are interested in research with a faculty member who is not listed above, please tell us the name and department/division and we can inquire about her or his availability. The faculty member must be appointed in one of the participating departments, and the match must be approved by the department. See full directory listings at https://u.osu.edu/ohio5sure/faculty-and-projects/.
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