Abington Education Foundation-Mini Grant Application
Teachers and paraprofessionals for the Abington Public Schools are invited to apply for a mini grant to enhance and develop the education and curriculum for students in the Abington Public Schools.
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First and Last Name of Grant Applicant(s): *
Email for Grant Applicant: *
Position of Grant Applicant: *
Grants must meet one of the following objectives: (Check all that apply) *
School(s) Grant Will be For: (Check all that apply) *
Who has approved the grant prior to the application process (principal, assistant principal, dept. chair, etc.)? *
If your grant proposal involves technology, have you checked to ensure its compatibility with school approved resources? If so, who approved its compatibility?
Grant Proposal
AEF Board Members receive numerous requests for grant money throughout the year. To ensure that grant money will supplement the APS curriculum and benefit the most students, the following form must be completed and reviewed by the AEF Board of Directors. The AEF Board of Directors meets the second Wednesday of each month. During that time, we will review the applications until the money allotted for grant funding has been reached.
Project Title/Name: *
What are the anticipated start and end dates for the proposed mini grant? *
What grade level(s) would benefit from the grant? How many students would benefit from the grant? *
Total Grant Money Requested: *AEF may request a breakdown of the proposed grant. (Don't forget to include any shipping fees, travel fees, etc.) *
If the grant was approved, when would you need grant money for your proposal? *
If this grant cannot be fully funded by AEF, could you find another source to assist with the funding? If so, who would you ask? *
Will this grant be self- sustaining after this year? *
If you answered yes to the question above, please skip this question. If your grant is not self- sustaining, do you intend on returning to AEF for funds? Please explain.
Does the grant proposal meet a personal, professional, or district goal? If so, briefly explain the connection. *
Summary of Grant Proposal: (Explain the innovative program/project the grant will fund, its impact on student learning, and any future plans involving the proposal) *
One of the goals of AEF is to enhance the learning experience for the students of Abington Public Schools. To reach this goal our volunteer Board of Directors hosts multiple fundraising events throughout the year. The expectation of mini-grant recipients is to allow AEF to highlight the grant experience. How can your grant be highlighted for public awareness (ie. student/staff testimony, pictures, video)? *
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