Food Safety Test - Answer Sheet
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1. The three types of hazards that make food unsafe are:
2. Transferring pathogens from the body to food can be prevented by practicing correct:
3. A food allergy occurs when the body has a reaction to:
4. Which is a common food allergen?
5. What occurs when food containing an allergen comes in contact with other food?
6. One way to keep people with food allergies safe is to:
7. Hands and arms should be scrubbed with soap for how many seconds during handwashing?
8. When should hands be washed?
9. What activity can be performed at a hand-washing sink?
10. How should hair be worn when repackaging food?
11. Eating and drinking when working in food-storage areas is a food safety hazard because it could:
12. What symptoms must be reported to the director or supervisor?
13. The temperature danger zone is the temperature range between:
14. A delivery should be rejected when:
15. A bimettalic stemmed thermometer is being calibrated. After the stem has been submerged in ice water and the indicator has stopped moving, the thermometer must be adjusted to what temperature?
16. Refrigerated food must be stored at temperatures no higher than:
17. How far off the floor must food be stored?
18. Which storage date is the last date recommended for the product while at peak quality?
19. Cans should be discarded when it has:
20. Produce should be discarded when it has:
21. TCS foods should be repacked in a clean room that maintains a temperature no higher than:
22. What information must be included on repackaged food labels?
23. Drive times in un-refrigerated delivery vehicles should be kept to less than:
24. Which practice when transporting food will help keep it safe?
25. What is the difference between cleaning and sanitizing?
26. What was the correct order for cleaning and sanitizing?
27. What surface must be cleaned and sanitized?
28. What is the second sink of a three-compartment sink used for?
29. Where should garbage containers be cleaned?
30. Insects and rodents are a food-safety risk because they:
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