Transportation Choices Survey
Transportation and access to various transportation choices is a critical issue for our city. Our goal is to find new ideas to solve this challenge and improve the quality of life for San Antonio residents.

The City of San Antonio is currently working to understand different transportation choices and preferences of San Antonio residents. Congestion is one critical issue in San Antonio and the number of miles residents travel is growing rapidly. If there is no change to the system, by 2040, vehicle miles traveled is expected to double. In order to tackle this challenge, San Antonio is researching options to decrease the length of trips, decrease the number of daily trips, and increase the use of alternative modes of transportation (bicycle, carpooling, transit, etc.).

To accomplish this we need your help - please complete the survey below to help us to better understand your transportation habits and preferences. Thank you for your participation.

Currently, what is the main method of transportation you use to travel to your destinations? *
What would be your preferred method of transportation to travel to your destinations? *
What is the distance of your typical trip to work?
What is the average time you spend traveling for your typical trip to work?
What are the top three reasons why you chose to live in your neighborhood? *
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