Sunset Music Series Jam Night - Tuesday July 31, 2018 - We are currently FULL! Those who applied will be contacted in the next few days to clarify song choices.
Welcome to the 7th annual Sunset Music Series JAM NIGHT – TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2018! This performance is being held as part of the weekly Tuesday night outdoor concert series during July & August at The Rotary Shell, Charles Daley Park, Jordan Ontario.

JAM NIGHT will feature experienced local professional musicians Mike Wainwright, Doug Boudreau, Rick Labrie and Sandy Vine acting as the backup band for YOUR PERFORMANCE. You are in good hands.

We are accepting both vocalists and individual instrumentalists to sit in (sorry, no full bands). In order to keep things moving for the audience, we ask anyone wishing to perform at JAM NIGHT to fill in and submit the online form below. Please be sure to complete the song information so that the band can be prepared for your performance.

Because of the concert’s tight timeline, 7:00pm – 8:30pm, performance spaces are limited. The following guidelines apply:


• This is NOT A CONTEST. JAM NIGHT is a fun opportunity to get up and perform with professional musicians and to embrace your musical talent. We ask everyone to encourage your fellow performers and we will have the audience encourage you as well.
• One song per performer is guaranteed. We may not be able to accommodate a second song due to how many people are waiting to perform, however if there is time at the end some performers may be asked informally to come up and do another.
• There are no rehearsals. We ask that you be well prepared with your song in advance to make your performance run smoothly.
• Pick songs that are well known both for the band’s sake as well as for audience enjoyment.
• In the signup form there will be a space for “song key”. If you know the key of the song you wish to perform it would help us to better prepare (e.g. key of C, key of Dm, key of Bb, key of G#, etc.) If your song is exactly in the key of the recording, but you don’t know what that is just put down RECORD KEY. If you have someone musical around you that can determine the key for you that would also help.
• We cannot guarantee that all performers who supply a signup sheet will be asked to perform. Priority will be given to those who supply songs, which the band can readily recreate, and are most appropriate for the family concert atmosphere in the park. We are also looking for a variety of ages and musical talents and styles to perform.
• Those accepted will be notified by email and a final list of performers be will put up on the Sunset Music Series website in advance of July 31, 2018.


• Vocal microphones are provided for all vocalists, however unlike karaoke, lyrics (if you require them) are to be supplied by the performer.


• Guitarists may provide their own instrument if they wish, however drums and keyboard will be supplied – no exceptions. We ask that all instruments be tuned to A-440 tuning in the wings PRIOR to arriving on stage. Please bring an electronic tuner for yourself.
• Other instruments are also encouraged – sax, flute, steel guitar, violin, harmonica – whatever it is that you do.

To SIGN UP for Jam Night, July 31, 2018, please complete & submit the following form by NO LATER than July 20, 2018. Please be aware that our sign up sheet fills up fast so we may cut off the application process once full.

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