2019-2020 Junior Parking Application
This is an application for a Lake Oswego High School junior parking permit in the Church Lot.
- Students must pay outstanding parking tickets prior to application approval.
- There is no parking at the Church lot on Tuesdays.
- Students will be selected by lottery. Lottery winners will be notified during Summer Break.
-Lottery winners will receive their parking permit during registration in the Fall.
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Vehicle Information:
Please include information for all vehicles that will be used.
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Parking Regulations:
- The Church parking permit is only valid on: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
- Students are not permitted to park in the church lot on Tuesday
- Violators will be subject to tow.
- Parking permits may be revoked if school attendance falls under 80% for any class period.
- Car must be parked in the designated and posted student areas. (Parking map may be picked up with the permit).
- Cars are to be driven at a safe speed for the particular conditions and never over 10 mph.
- Selling or giving a permit to another student is prohibited and may result in losing parking privileges.
- Students are responsible for transferring tag between their registered cars.
- Student vehicles are subject to search.
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Parking Citation Fee List:
- Parking in a Fire Lane: $30.00
- Parking in a Reserved/Staff/Visitor Parking or Swimming Pool Lot: $30.00
- Parking in spaces not specifically designed as parking spaces: $20.00
- Parking in a lot other than your assigned parking lot: $20.00
- THREE parking tickets will result in a boot placement on the car and a $75.00 boot fee. All parking tickets and boot fees MUST be paid during regular business hours before the boot is removed. Parents will be notified.

-Students have ten school days from the date issues to dispute a citation. After ten days the citation is final.

I have read and understand this section. If I am successful in obtaining a parking permit, I will obey all school regulations regarding vehicles use and understand this permit may be suspended or revoked for ANY infraction of school rules along with other disciplinary action. No refund will be given. *
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