MRDWC 2020 Officials & GTOs Application
Welcome to the application for Officials and Games Tournament Oversight at the 2020 Men's Roller Derby World Cup in St Louis, Missouri, USA from 9-12 July 2020

The format for the tournament will be 30 minute games within groups, followed by full-length regulation games at knockout stages. It will be held across 3 tracks on all 4 competition days.

Tournament Head Referee: Kurz So Good (Canada)
Tournament Head NSO: Sticks & Stoner (Scotland)
Tournament Head Announcer: Cosmic Camel Clash (France)

We would love to have two Apprentice Tournament Head Officials, and would particularly love to hear from officials who are geographically isolated, or who have experienced significant barriers to growth, and who are interested in this role.

Due to the number of tracks, we're planning to recruit a crew of GTOs, with a head GTO this year. We're also running a small dedicated stats crew to make sure everyone knows what's what.

Applications for Apprentice roles, Crew Head and Head GTO close on Wednesday 31st July 2019. We will aim to appoint these roles by 15th August 2019.

Applications for all other officiating and GTO roles close on Saturday 31st August 2019. We will aim to let everyone know whether they've been successful by 31st October 2019.

If you have questions, please email

The information you provide will be held on Google Drive and shared with the Men's Roller Derby World Cup team, with Head Officials and Crew Head Officials involved in making the appointments, solely for the purpose of making appointments to positions and ensuring that we can meet your needs during the tournament. Data will not be retained past 31st December 2020. Under the GDPR, you have the right to access the data we hold on you, to change it, or for it to be deleted, by contacting us by e-mail as above

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