CCSD Virtual Academy Enrollment
Please answer yes or no to the survey. YES, if your child will not be physically present on August 24th -OR- answer NO if your child WILL BE physically present at school on August 24th. CCSD understand this is a tough decision. Students can enroll in the Virtual Academy at any time. Only select yes if you DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILD ON CAMPUS on campus on August 24th.
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3. Yes. I want to enroll my child in Cave City Virtual Academy at this time. * If you answer 'NO', then your child will be automatically enrolled in regular classes on campus. *
4. I understand that students will be using a chromebook for CCSD Virtual Academy. By checking yes, I am agreeing that we either: (1) have access to a stable internet connection which will enable online work to be accessed and completed off campus. Or, (2) I understand that the District wifi is available and in order to take advantage of this I will need to come to campus parking lots and connect wirelessly or bring my child's chromebook to campus at least once per week for lessons to be downloaded. *
6. Please state any questions you have regarding the Virtual Academy. Please limit answers to 250 characters. A school official will be in contact with you to answer your questions.
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