Primary School Title I Student Needs Assessment; 2017-2018
No one will know what your answers are to this survey.
What grade are you in?
I feel safe:
In the cafeteria
On the school campus
On the playground
On the bus to and from school
The adults at school like/respect me and feel that I am important.
Teachers and principals ask for students' opinions at times about things in my school.
My teacher(s) tell me what I should be learning and set high expectations for my learning.
I do the very best work I can at school and complete my assignments.
I can get help from my teacher(s) if I need help with my work.
What area(s) do you need the most help in?
I do not need help in this area
I like the extra help I get from other teachers and/or adults who work with me in a small group.
There is at least one adult at school I can talk to if I have a problem.
Students get along well together at my school.
I have been bullied:
I have not been bullied
On the computer
I reported the bullying and it stopped.
How often does your teacher(s) use technology in class; for example, whiteboard, computer carts, etc.?
Does your school need more technology: for example, computers, chromebooks, iPads or iPods for you to use in the classroom?
How often do you use a computer at school to work on assignments?
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