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Why should you detox your body regularly with fruits, veggies, herbs, and water?
1. Cleans out waste in your digestive tract: waste builds up, it has to be eliminated in order for the digestion to function properly.
2. Reduces pain: it reduces the amount of lactic acid that builds up in the muscles, which can reduce pain.
3. Reduces inflammation: helps with arthritis, other chronic diseases and is anti-inflammatory.
4. Boosts your immune system: vitamins and minerals boost immunity and cleanse lymphatic system.
5. Slows ageing: by slowing the rate of cellular decay.
6. Reduces body odour: particularly when using fasting, after you get rid on the toxins in your body, there is a reduction in overall body odour.
7. Reduces incidents with bad breath: reducing toxins, reduces bad breath and tooth decay.
8. Improves your skin and hair: vitamins and minerals make your skin and hair healthier.
9. Clears your body of heavy metals: mercury and lead
10. Cleanses your body of toxins: get rid of the toxins in your body
11. Helps combat chronic disease: a healthy detox, is rich in anto oxidants, that help you combat chronic disease.
12. Helps with weight- loss: vegetable, fruits, vitamins and minerals make it easier to get rid of excess weight.
13. Increases energy: Without the toxins in your body, you have more energy. You’ll process food better.
14. It helps you sleep better: more energy during the day, means better sleep at night.
15. Keeps your body in optimal condition: a routine cleanse of the body, keeps you in better condition.
16. Detoxifies the liver: liver is the key organ in detoxifying the body, cleansing herbs and minerals help the liver.
17. Boosts your ability to think: you think more clearly, when you are healthier.
18. It allows you to absorbs vitamins better: a detox prevents chemical toxins to block the body from absorbing nutrients.
19. Helps your body process drugs and alcohol better: when live and metabolism are boosted, body will eliminate drugs and alcohol more efficiently.
20. Restores your body’s balance: your vitamin, mineral and metabolism balance improves, if you detox regularly.
Time to Detox
Whats are your expectations during this detox? *
Have you ever done any type of detox before? If yes which one and when? *
Are you familiar with intermittent, alternate-day, and extended fasting? *
Have you ever tried it before? If yes, when and how did it make you feel? *
Plan 1: Easy in
2 weeks

IF 16/8
Walk 6000-10000 steps every day
15min on the mat every day (Slow Yogalates Flow Video)
5:2 - 5 days detox / 2 days off
Lost 2kilos in 2weeks
Install My Fitness Pall on your phone and let’s start tracking the nutrients of what you eat.
Plan 2: The Power Track
2 weeks

IF 16/8
1 day after your weekend of 20/4

Carb cycling & Training


HITT Run & Walk around the island (1min/5min)
High carb diet

Regular carb diet

Strong Pilates class (with Julie at Slow)
Regular carb diet

Walk / Run
No carbs

Low carbs
No training

Check where fat is stored
Example Abs & Booty

I can give you a Yogalates video to do every day, focusing on those areas.

(Example: Yogalates Flow - Abs & Booty or Hips & Hamstrings - link)

The point is, we want to trick our body, by constantly changing our habits. Like that it will burn cal.
Plan 3: Fast for weight-loss
1 or 2 weeks

IF 20/4

Daily Walk/ Yogalates flow
Start with 2-3 days only fruits and vegetables, to ease into the 7 day fast.

3 days Juice Fast & Eating
5 days Juice Fast & Eating

Followed by 2-3days of healthy planted-based foods.
Plan 5: Detox Wellness Program
7 days

Start with 3 days only fruits and vegetables, to ease into the fast.

7days only green juice (extractor) and vegetable stock
Which you can prep with an extractor.

Followed by 7days of healthy food.

Separate program will be given to the student
We can go through the full program together.

Option with pills from a naturopath in Ubud 2.000.000IDR (includes liver flush)
Liver flush only 690.000IDR (3 weeks later)

Ride out your IF program until you’ve met your expectations.
The total Slow Detox Program is 8 weeks, which is a combination of all of these plans. You can also pick what suits you best. Which plan do you think suits best for you? *
Slow down
Journal your feelings
I encourage you to journal your feelings during your detox, and record them in your notebook.
Feel free to talk amongst the group about your journal & feelings during our meetings, if you wish, you don’t have to.

After the hunger cravings fade away, comes a clarity of mind. Thats one of my favorite aspects about fasting.

We are here to support each other, and during a fast you’ll feel lots of things come up and unfold.

Don’t act on them, write them down in your journal. After your fast, you can decide wether you’d like to take actions or not.

During your detox, only focus on your detox.
First journal assignment is: How are you feeling right now? *
How would you like to feel? *
At the end of this detox how would you like to feel? *
What are your expectations for this program? *
Detox Consulting Regular price 600.000IDR/hour

8 Weeks
4 Meetings
Total 2.000.000IDR

Green Juice
Vegetable stock

Detox Wellness Program not included, 2.000.000IDR extra.
Liver flush 690.000IDR

I’m looking forward to being your coach during your personalized detox program!

Yes, it's hard, but like most of the things, fasting becomes easier the more you do it.
Be kind with yourself, and gently build it up and remember never give up. 
During the program remember, what’s 7-days on a lifetime?
Then remember all the benefits for your body during this time from section 1.

Much Love and Good Luck!

Coach Julie
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