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ICSM Citizens Housing Campaign

Thank you for offering your support! By signing this form you are committing to a seat at the Copperbox arena on the evening of the 28th of April 2016.

With thousands of people from across London we will demonstrate our collective voting power and ask the mayoral candidates to commit to these three pledges.

- A rogue landlord task force unit
- London Living Rent prices
- 40% of genuinely affordable housing in new developments

By pitching the mayoral candidates against each other we will raise the demands as they attempt to out do each other.

Why are we doing this?
Housing is a major issue for medical students! Affordable housing is being squeezed out of London by private companies. This in turn increases the rent for students and the public leading to more part time work, less extra-curricular activity, more stress and the continuing issues of mental health surrounding medical students.

If you believe the London housing issue needs addressing and want to be a part of ICSM's drive to support this then please sign up below so we can reach our target and keep in contact.

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