dB-SERC lunch workshop: Tuesday, February 5
Topic: Structures for Successful Teamwork: Theory and Practical Classroom Applications
When: Tuesday, February 5 from 12 - 2 pm [note: 2-hour workshop]
Where: 321 Allen Hall

The next dB-SERC lunch discussion will take place on Tuesday, February 5 from 12 - 2 pm in 321 Allen Hall. During the lunch, Dr Kathy Harper from Ohio State University will lead a workshop about successful teamwork in STEM courses.

Setting up a successful team project in a course requires more from the instructor than putting the students in groups and telling them the objectives. The literature on cooperative learning identifies five core elements for a successful teamwork experience: face-to-face promotive interaction, positive interdependence, small group social skills, independent accountability, and group reflection [1]. In this highly interactive session, participants will reflect upon teamwork experiences that have gone well and gone poorly to better understand the role of each of these key cooperative learning aspects. They will also apply this structure to several course projects from the participants’ own experiences. Finally, examples from the presenters’ experiences teaching a large freshman design project will be shared and viewed within the framework of the cooperative learning literature. Participants will leave this session with a variety of possible approaches for bringing more structure to cooperative learning situations in their courses.

[1] Johnson, D.W., Johnson, R.T., & Smith, K.A. (1991). Active learning: Cooperation in the college classroom. Edina, MN: Interaction.
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