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想善用暑假學西班牙語,一定要選擇擁有Cervantes Institute「塞萬提斯學院」權威認證的西班牙學校。於2005年創辦的Spanish World,是香港第一間及唯一一所擁有「塞萬提斯學院」教學質素認證的西班牙語言學校!

**Cervantes Institute「塞萬提斯學院」是負責監督全球西班牙文教學的官方權威機構 - 相當於英國文化協會及法國文化協會權威認證機構** 詳情請參閱

You have come to the right place if you want to make the most out of your Summer! Founded in 2005, Spanish World is the first and only Spanish language school in Hong Kong with the Cervantes Quality Seal!

**Cervantes Institute is the official authority responsible for supervising the teaching of Spanish in the world - equivalent to the British Council and the Alliances Francais** For more details, please visit
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There is only Spanish Cultural Association of Hong Kong Limited 香港西班牙文化協會有限公司 which is a profitable company registered under this name. However, this is not an official non-profit association representing Spanish language & culture.
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