Placement Test Intermediário
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Stágio 2: circle the correct answer: a, b or c.
1- What’s the correct alternative? *
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2- What’s the incorrect alternative? *
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3- Which alternative is an advantage for the people involved in the situations? *
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4- Choose the option that can best replace the words in italics below.
I. I don’t eat a lot of sweet things.
II. I read some non-fiction, but I mainly read novels.
III. I like some of their songs.
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5- Circle the correct piece of advice for Kevin. *
Kevin: My legs are stiff after my run yesterday. You:
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6- What’s the passive voice of the sentence below? *
In the past, they cut down many trees and sold the wood for a lot of money.
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7- What was the film like? *
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8- From I to V all the sentences contain an adjective. Choose the alternative that best corresponds to their meaning.
I - Joe is a fast driver.
II – Latvia is a quick dancer.
III – Shan is a late student at school.
IV – Shimena is an early student at school.
V – Fredericksen is a very quiet child when he’s playing.
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9- Which alternative is a promise? *
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10- Which alternative has the same meaning as the sentence below? *
It’s dangerous to walk in the streets at night.
11- Which alternative best completes the gaps in the questions below?
I - What ____ on TV last night?
II – What ____ you do last weekend?
III – Where ___ my glasses?
IV – Where ____ you born?
V – Where ___ you live now?
VI – Where ___ your family come from?
VII – Who ____ your favourite actor?
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12- Which alternative best answers the questions I to IV?
I- How high is Mount Everest?
II- How far is Beijing to Mount Everest?
III- How long is the trip from São Paulo to Beijing by plane?
IV- How much is the fare for an adult?
Answer *
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13- Which alternative best describes the functions used in sentences I to III?
I – Today it’s cloudy and dark. It’s going to rain.
II – How about watching a movie tonight?
III – Would you like to go to the cinema with me tonight?
Answer *
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14- Which alternative best describes the functions used in sentences I to IV?
I – Thank you so much for inviting me to your party.
II – Could you call a taxi for me, please?
III – Make yourself at home!
IV - Sorry I’m not here to welcome you!
Answer *
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15- Which alternative best describes the functions used in sentences I to IV?
I – You mustn’t take pictures inside museums.
II - You must pay a fee to enter museums.
III – I’ll carry the camera for you.
IV – You don’t have to pay the fee. I’ve already paid it.
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16- Which alternative best describes the functions used in sentences I to III?
I – Why don’t you try them on?
II – I’ll put you through.
III – Tara went into a shop to look for some clothes. While she was looking, something really amazing happened.
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17- Which alternative best describes the functions used in sentences I to III?
I – We expect you to have a clean driving license if you use a company car.
II – It’s a place in schools were children play while they are having a break.
III – He couldn’t drive because his driving license was run out.
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18- Which alternative best replaces the sentence in italics below? *
You won’t get a virus unless you open the attachment
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19- What’s the correct answer (a, b or c) to the questions (1-5)?
1. How much soup is there?
2. How much juice is there?
3. How much water is there?
4. How many balls are there?
5. How many people are there?
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20- Which alternative is related to a habit in the past? *
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21- Which alternative best describes the functions used in sentences I to III?
I – I would like to make a complaint. I told the doctor about my problem, but she didn’t listen to me at all! Clearly, this is not good enough, so I would like to be registered with another doctor.
II- Oh, dear! I hope a better doctor is registered for you as soon as possible. Complaining is awful… is there anything I can do to help you?
III – The doctor seems to be very worried about the patient who is lying down on a bed, with eyes closed. The doctor is sitting on the edge of a chair, looking down.
Answer *
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22- Which alternative has the same meaning as the sentences in italics below? *
If I had a million dollars, I would definitely build a cultural shopping centre.
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23- Write an-email to your a friend who you haven't seen for ages. In your email, you should:
• Update him/her about your life now;
• Remind him/her of a good moment you spent together;
• Invite him/her to spend a weekend with you, suggesting what to do.

Write 80 - 100 words.
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