Low PUFA, corn & soy free eggs from Angel Acres
Thank you for your interest in our eggs! As first generation farmers who are incredibly passionate about optimal human health, we strive to produce the most nutrient-dense eggs we can.

Unfortunately, most chickens (even pasture-raised on regenerative farms) are fed corn & soy since these are cheap ingredients that are subsidized by the government. This has huge implications on the types of fat and nutrient levels in eggs.

As numerous studies have demonstrated, the chicken's diet directly affects the level of nutrients (Naber, E., 1978) and the types of fat in an egg (Woods, V., 2009).

We were not satisfied with the current feed options so we decided to make our own.

After many months of research and continuous experimentation, we made a custom, low PUFA feed for our chickens. We also feed them homemade tallow and liver (nature's multivitamin) a few times each week in addition to grasses and insects they find out on pasture.

As a result of this unique diet, we were able to improve the fatty acid profile of our eggs, certified by a fatty acid analysis at a local University. In fact, our eggs contain 55% less total PUFA and 62% less Linoleic Acid relative to Pasture-Raised eggs.

In addition to improved human health, the chickens play a vital role in our mission to maximize soil health with regenerative agriculture. Our chickens live in a mobile home on pasture which is moved to fresh grass every few days.

Due to the increasing demand for our eggs, we are working behind the scenes to expand our flock and increase our egg supply. If you include your email below, we will make sure to send out an email letting you know when our supply increases.

Thank you so much for your support and interest in creating a better food system!
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