Event Reservation
This form is for Event reservation at KNCT Hub Islamabad and should not be filled if you have landed here by mistake. The form should be filled only if its link has been shared with you by KNCT Hub team.

The following Terms and Conditions are applicable at KNCT Hub to book and conduct an event.

Booking / Reservation

1. Event application form should be submitted for approval atleast 2 weeks before the planned event date.
2. Reservation of event slot will be done after approval from KNCT Hub administration.

Payments / Refund

1. 50% advance payment to be submitted after approval of the event.
2. In case of cancellation of event within 2 weeks of event date 50% advance will not be refunded.
3. In case of change in event date or timing within 2 weeks of event date, 10% extra of total event amount will be charged.
4. Event can be cancelled or changed without any charges before 2 weeks of event date.


1. Event timing should be followed strictly as per the booking / reservation slot.
2. The organizers can come 30 minutes before start of the event for the final arrangement and can visit a day before to discuss the final preparation with the administration of KNCT Hub.
3. 30 minutes will be given to organizers and attendees for leaving the facility after the closing time for the event.

Facility / Requirements

1. Only those areas / rooms / seminar room / hall will be provided on event day against which the booking has been received.
2. KNCT Hub is not bound to accommodate any extra requirement at the event day which was not communicated at time of booking or reservation.
3. Requirements and facilities discussed and finalized at time of booking will be provided.

Food / Refreshment

1. No food / beverages is allowed in the facility from outside.
2. No food / beverages is allowed to be taken outside the facility.
3. No food / beverages is allowed in the green area. Only area designated by the administration will be used for the refreshment purpose.

Marketing / Advertisement in Premises

1. Any printed material, standees, backdrops, panaflex etc to be used for the event can be brought to the facility one day before the event and can be left in the facility for 1 day after the event.
2. No advertisement, notice, sign, decoration, flag, emblem or device referring to the function may be attached to or displayed in or about the interior of the facility without prior approval of the KNCT Hub.
3. KNCT Hub administration will not be responsible for anything left after 1 day of the event.

General Guidelines

1. Damages of any kind during the event will be charges in final invoice as extra charges.
2. We are not responsible for any personal belongings left / lost / placed inside the facility by any attendee or participant.
3. Event Agreements form is a binding contract and may not be transferred from one company to another without the authorization of KNCT Hub.
4. KNCT Hub reserves the right at all times to alter, change or cancel the event dates with due notice.
5. We work as a Team & every single member of our team is as respectable as you. We hope the same response from you for all our team members.
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