Big ideas for the field of Jewish giving circles
In November, JTFN will meet with 19 other American giving circle networks to brainstorm how we can increase the quality and quantity of giving circles nationwide. Jewish teen philanthropy programs are considered a type of giving circle and we are excited to be a part of growing the broader field, while taking great insights that will help expand the field of Jewish teen philanthropy. We’d love to gather your insights so that we can represent them at the gathering. We are looking for bold ideas that benefit from collaboration with other giving circle networks. No idea is too big at this stage, and we welcome your thoughts.
How might we scale the number of giving circles/teen foundations and general awareness of collective philanthropy? What specific strategies do you think would work best from your vantage point?
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How might we strengthen your work and impact as giving circles/teen foundations? What types of support would be most beneficial to you as a leader of a giving circle/teen foundation?
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