Band Booster Commitment (Form H)
The Centaurus High School Band Boosters is a 501c3 organization that supports the band programs at Centaurus both financially and through providing volunteer support, so that all students have the opportunity to participate fully and receive the benefits of being a part of the band program. As a parent or band member, you are a member of the Boosters. There are many costs associated with the band program (i.e. instructional staff, music and choreography, meals at competitions, uniforms, instruments and repairs), and the Boosters work to raise funds and organize volunteers so that the program can be successful.

Commitment Account (The Family Band Contribution)

Currently the cost per student to make the Centaurus Band program a success is approximately $864 per student. Our annual operating budget is about $160,000 for the 2018-19 school year. The Family Band Contribution is approximately half of the actual cost per student, and each student/ family is expected to contribute to help support the Centaurus band program. The Centaurus Band Boosters organization relies on these funds, along with additional fundraising, to cover the many costs associated with the band program (i.e. uniforms, entry fees, instruction, music, meals at competitions, musician section coaches etc.). The dollar amount of the Commitment is set each year by the Band Booster Board ($325 for the 2018– 2019 season, $160 for additional siblings plus shoe rental fee of $25). In addition to the student commitment, everyone is expected to fundraise for the general fund to make the band program available to all students participating in the band program.

The Commitment can be met in three ways:

Out of Pocket—You may choose to write a check or pay cash to meet your commitment. This can be paid all at once or spread out over the marching season.

Fundraising—Some of our families are able to meet their commitment entirely through fundraising. We offer several individual product sale non-tax deductible fundraisers throughout the year, many of which are eligible for credit to the commitment account. When an individual fundraiser is announced, it will be stated what portion of proceeds, if any, is credited toward commitment accounts.

Combination of fundraising and out-of-pocket—We encourage everyone to take advantage of fundraising opportunities to meet the commitment. However, depending on your fundraising activities, it may be necessary to write a check in addition to reach the required amount.


Breakdown of fees for the 2018-2019 School Year:

Annual Family Contribution (First Child) $325.00
Annual Family Contribution (Each additional Child) $160.00
Annual Shoe Rental Fee (Guard members are excluded) $ 25.00

Additional fees may apply to your student for the purchase of sticks/mallets, rental of BVSD owned instruments and participation in Winter Guard or Winter Percussion.

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I have read and understand the information of the Centaurus Band Boosters, Form H. I understand that checks will be payable to “Centaurus Band Boosters” and mailed to PO Box 264, Lafayette, CO 80026. Additionally, if my student needs financial assistance with the annual band commitment I should contact Aaron Vogelsberg at to make this request. If payment is made online at using PayPal, a 2.75% fee will be added to my payment to cover processing fees. *
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