Flat Connections Application 2014-2015

You are invited to complete this form if you are interested in entering your class(es) or school into one or more of our global collaborative projects starting September 2014 and February 2015.

This form can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/flatconnect1415

PLEASE NOTE: Entry to any of the global projects is via a subscription payment. Subscription options include individual class subscription and school subscription. See details here: http://www.flatconnections.com/subscriptions-2015-16.html

All projects are linked from the website here:

Please read about the project(s) you wish to apply for before filling in this form.

Flat Connections Global Project: http://tinyurl.com/fcglobalprojectguide (for age 13 or older)

Digiteen Project: http://tinyurl.com/digiteenflatconnect (for age 13 or older)

Digitween Project: http://tinyurl.com/digiteenflatconnect (for age 8-12 - lower middle and upper elementary level students)

A Week in the Life: http://tinyurl.com/awlflatconnect (for Grade 3-6, around ages 8-11)

K-2 Building Bridges to Tomorrow: http://tinyurl.com/k2flatconnect (for Kindergarten to Grade 2, around ages 4-7)

Global Youth Debates: http://tinyurl.com/globalyouthdebates (for Grade 5 and above)

This application includes billing information so that an invoice can be sent for payment. Please make sure you have updated information on hand before completing this form.

Questions about the registration and billing process?
Please email our Flat Connections Registrar, Dianne Hope - admin@flatconnections.com

The Flat Connections website at http://www.flatconnections.com/flat-projects.html has links to all projects, including timelines and relevant information about subscriptions.

Julie Lindsay
Director Learning Confluence Pty Ltd
Founder, Flat Connections http://flatconnections.com
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Teacher Name *
School Name *
Teacher email address *
Country *
City and State *
Which projects are you requesting to join for February-June 2015 *
Tick all that apply according to your subecription level
Please advise which class levels and student ages for each project *
Add information so we can understand who you have in your class to best advise the suitability of each project. Put N/A if not applicable.
Number of classrooms participating *
This applies to the February-June 2015 project session. Indicate how many classrooms at each level will participate. Put N/A if not applicable.
Number of students participating (Feb-June) *
Note: If an accurate number is not know at the time of filling in this application please state approximately. Put N/A if not applicable.
Access to digital tools - summary *
What best describes your learning situation during this project? Some Web 2.0 tools will need to be used eg wiki, Edmodo/ning, Google docs
What is the technical proficiency of your students? What is your technical proficiency? *
Please comment on the current use of Web 2.0 tools, and of the access to digital tools in the classroom.
How does the selected project(s) fit with your core curriculum objectives? *
Have you participated in any global projects at all in the past?
Briefly list which projects as applicable (Flat Classroom or Flat Connections or others?)
Do you have any further comments or information to share relevant to this application?
Billing and Payment
The following section applies to billing and payment. Prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD). Invoices will be in AUD with local currency equivalent from http://xe.com on date of processing.

An invoice will be sent to the person completing this form within one week.

 Please select the method of billing for your school.

If paying by CHECK/CHEQUE:
Please mail to Learning Confluence, PO Box 7, Ocean Shores NSW Australia 2483 and email admin@flatconnections.com to let us know it has been sent.

Please email your PO to admin@flatconnections.com The following information may be useful:
Vendor Name: Learning Confluence Pty Ltd
Vendor Address: PO Box 7, Ocean Shores, NSW Australia 2483

If Paypal: Make sure we have the correct email address to facilitate this

If Bank Transfer: We will send bank transfer details via your emailed invoice
Subscription request *
See full details here: http://www.flatconnections.com/subscriptions-2014-15.html Please note prices are in AUD. (GYD refers to the Global Youth Debates Project)
Are you adding any extra students or teams above the preferred subscription level?
Please note here so this can be factored into the final cost.
Are you adding any extra projects above the subscription level?
Please note here so this can be factored into the final cost.
Are you adding any additional professional development above the subscription level?
Please note here so this can be factored into the final cost.
Based on your requests above, what is the final amount you wish to be invoiced for? *
Which method of billing do you prefer? *
Contact person(s) and email address(es) for billing if different from above.
Special billing instructions
Please add any further information to help us invoice you correctly, e.g. Is a Purchase Order required?
 Questions about billing?
Dianne Hope
Registrar, Flat Connections
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