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Selecting more papers will not lead to additional presentations, but will rather ensure you present the work that you like. I will do my best to satisfy everyone's preferences. When multiple students select the same paper as their top choice, I will give priority to the earlier record.

Please pick only one paper for each column, e.g., only pick one paper as "1st choice".
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Arzt et al. (W3)
Enck et al. (W3)
Yang et al. (W4)
Continella et al. (W4)
Mao et al. (W5)
Gu et al. (W5)
Zhou and Jiang (W8)
* Arp et al. (W8)
* Mariconti et al. (W9)
* Fratantonio et al. (W9)
* Backes et al. (W10)
* Derr et al. (W10)
* Demontis et al. (W11)
Chen et al. (W11)
Banerjee et al. (W12)
Lui et al. (W12)
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