Are You Passionate About Your Work?
Are you passionate about your work? If you had all the money you needed would you still do it? Does your work engage you like nothing else? If yes to these questions then I'd like to talk with you and feature you in the upcoming podcast series on the subject of doing complex work for its inherent enjoyment. Fill out these couple of questions, a brief explanation of what you do and what it is about your work that challenges and engages you like nothing else.
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1. How happy are you in your work/hobby? *
Choose the level of happiness you feel in your work, 10 being most happy, 1 being least happy
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2. Is it a hobby or a job? *
3. What is your work/hobby? *
Explain in one sentence what is your work or hobby
4. How did you get started? *
Explain how you found the work or hobby you do and why you thought it was a good idea to begin
5. If you had all the money you needed, would you still do what you do? *
6. If you answered "No" in Q5 above, what would you do instead and why?
7. Why do you continue to do your work? *
Explain what motivates you to do your work - Is it for money, status, peer recognition, obligations to family, financial need, love of the work? Use emotional words to describe how you feel when you work and offer detail into what you expect to gain from your work. Be as detailed, honest and descriptive as you can.
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