Atari 800XL S-Video
A lot of questions on if the 800XL actually supports Chroma/Luma so we are creating a form to help figure out who has 800XL computers and if they are compatible or not. Hopefully if there are people who do have some that do support Chroma/Luma connectors, we can figure it out more clearly based on the serial # of their computer.

We will publish the data once we have a few people who have submitted the form. We do ask if you want to add a name and email address. This is not required nor will it be published online.

Short survey to find out if your Atari 800XL supported S-Video (Chroma/Luma) without modification. Please submit a new form for every 800XL that you own. Thank you!
Atari 800XL Serial #
Please enter the full serial # underneath your 800XL. Examples could look like 7YJ HA 123456, 7YJ HA 12345 123, 72HRA 12345 (123), 8EAHA 12345 (123) for NTSC; 84 ATS 12345 (S 123) for SECAM; 83AHA 12345 123, 83AHP 12345 (123), AT 1234567 (B-123), 72R3CG AT 1234567 (B-123) for PAL. These are just examples and more couple available. Please be as thorough as possible with the serial #.
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