Ascend USC Chapter Fall 2016 Mentorship Program Application


1. Time Frame:
The Mentorship program will be a semester long program. The Mentorship program fee is $30.

2. Mentors:
Mentors will consist of professionals from The Big 4 Companies, Merrill Lynch, Boeing, etc.

3. Mentees:
The Mentorship Program will only be open to registered Ascend members. If you are not a member yet, please fill out the membership application here:

4. Mentorship Group:
We are expecting to have interactive mentorship groups. One professional mentor usually will be paired with two or three mentees in a mentorship group.

5. Matching:
After the applications are collected, the matching will be done, in accordance with members’ preferences and the available mentors. Matching will likely be changed on a semester-to-semester basis so that students will have the opportunity to be exposed to and connect with a wide range of professionals.

** Please be aware that mentors are only encouraged, but not required, to attend these events, so it is also the mentees’ responsibility to invite mentors for more face-to-face meetings.

Tuesday, Sep 20: Deadline for the Mentorship Program application
Saturday, Sep 24: Mentorship Program Kickoff - Welcome breakfast
Thursday, Oct 13: Networking Workshop
Saturday, Nov 19: Celebration dinner

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