LXAI + BAI @ GTC DC Scholarship Award
The LatinX in AI Coalition is joining forces with Black in AI to provide a grant for two members of each of our communities to attend the 2019 GTC (GPU Technology Conference) November 4th-6th, 2019 in Washington, DC all expenses paid, including travel, accommodations, and full registration to the conference sponsored by NVIDIA!

We also have full registration 50 scholarships for the main conference and Deep Learning Institute available for local (Washington DC) members of our organizations who do not require travel and accommodations.

Scholarship Award Guidelines:

- Applicants may submit a link to a <1 min "I AM AI" video of them describing their interests or work in Artificial Intelligence.

- Must identify as either LatinX (a person of Latin American origin or descent), Black (a person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa), or mixed-race including LatinX or Black ethnicity.

- US citizen or a valid US visa to travel to the US at the time of application (due to needing at least 60 days for visa allocation).

- May be traveling from anywhere in the world at the time of the conference. Please include the State and Country you'll be traveling from to attend this conference below.

- The ideal candidate is a developer, data scientist, engineer, researcher, or student in a technical field who wants hands-on training in advanced deep learning and computer vision topics. Participants should be familiar with the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in order to participate fully in workshop training.

**Deadline to apply is Friday, September 30th, 2019**
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