Online Solo Jazz Training 2018
Heya Dancers!

Welcome to the premier of the Online Solo Jazz Training, a multi-round training program, powered by What'cha Know Jo. This program is designed for both Leaders and Followers and has multiple ways to participate, depending on your time commitment. Please let me know how this program can best hold you accountable!

I can accept up to 8 people for the Medium Accountability and 2 people for the High Accountability. I will do the best I can to create the highest quality groups possibly - confirmation emails to be sent one week before the start of the program.

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.” Mikhail Baryshnikov

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This program includes videos of movement, however they will not counted out nor broken down. As part of the learning process of this program, I understand that by signing up for the program, I will do the best I can to break down the videos on my own. Please check yes to all of the comments below if you would like to participate (<<<< expectation setting
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