Join the Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge!
Let us know here that your organization has interest in joining the program. Please note that we have a $5,000 USD RFP open until January 4th, 2018. Apply here: or view the information session here

Who is a good fit? Any community based organization (like libraries, museums, or community centers) out-of-school-time networks, and school districts.

Please email if you have any questions.

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6. Would you be the lead for your sites? If not, please share name and email of who we should contact: *
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7. Does your organization belong to a network of sites that could participate in this challenge? *
8. How many sites do you plan to have participate? *
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9. Are you able to implement a 15 session program throughout 2018 for 30 families (at least 1 child + 1 guardian)? *
10. Do you have facilitators that can be trained to implement AI content? *
11. Do you have computers or tablets (with access to internet) to support participants? *
12. What is the percentage of underserved communities your organization serves? *
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13. Please describe any difficulties you foresee in implementing this program? *
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14. Will your organization need funding to implement this program? *
15. What interests you about this AI challenge?
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