English Valleys CSD Needs Assessment Survey
Iowa Code requires that all school districts regularly conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of their educational programs, extra-curricular programs, and discipline procedures. The information gathered from the responses to the needs assessment will assist the district in creating new learning and/or extra-curricular opportunities for students as well as address significant issues identified by the assessment data. Please take the time to complete this 58-question, online needs assessment form and help assist the school district in the process of continual improvement. Thank you for your time and continued support of the English Valleys CSD.

English Valleys Community School District (EVCSD) Assessment Survey 2019
We are asking our students, staff, parents, and community members to complete this online survey about the EVCSD. Your participation in this survey is very important to the Board of Education in order to provide the best education for the students of the district. A needs assessment survey is required by the Department of Education every five (5) years. Thank you for your support!
English Valleys SIAC (School Improvement Advisory Committee) Team

If you are a parent of a student at EVCSD, what grades are your students enrolled? (Check all that apply. If you are not a parent of a student(s), please check "not applicable.") *
Please select the one that best describes you: *
Are you aware that the EVCSD has a website? *
How often do you access the EVCSD's website? *
How often do you access the EVCSD's Facebook site? *
Do you agree that Power School, our district's student management system, effectively informs a parent/guardian of their child's academic status at the 5th-12th grade level? *
Do you have an email address? *
The district's primary focus is on student achievement. *
The district has high expectations for all students. *
The district is meeting the needs of students. *
Poor school attendance has a negative effect on student achievement. *
The district informs the public about test scores and the progress of students academically. *
The district has a written code of conduct, discipline, procedures, and consequences. *
The district staff treat students with respect. *
The district provides students with a quality education without discrimination. *
The district promotes the partnership between home and school. *
The district does a good job of promoting a positive public image. *
Teachers are interested in the success of the students. *
School is a safe place to learn. *
When in the school, a person can see that learning is taking place. *
The district's curriculum includes content and experiences that provide students the knowledge and skills to function effectively in society. *
The district's curriculum contains enough course offerings to meet the interests of students. *
The district's curriculum provides for different levels of students' abilities. *
The district's curriculum emphasizes career education and vocational skills. *
High level courses are available to prepare students for college. *
The district's curriculum provides students with practical uses of computer technology. *
The district's curriculum provides opportunities to keep current with emerging technologies. *
The district allocates adequate materials, equipment and supplies to best support student learning. *
Content standards, benchmarks, and assessments have more clearly defined what students should know and be able to do. *
The district has teachers who promote quality student learning. *
The district does a good job of preparing students in the area of READING. *
The district does a good job of preparing students in the area of MATH. *
The district does a good job of preparing students in the area of SCIENCE. *
The district does a good job of preparing students in the area of SOCIAL STUDIES. *
Students in the district are given opportunities to gain social skills necessary to succeed in life. *
The school district does a good job of meeting the needs of the academically challenged students. *
The school District does a good job of meeting the needs of accelerated students. *
38. The school district does a good job of meeting the needs of at-risk students. *
School buildings (inside and outside) are well maintained. *
Outdoor facilities and school grounds are well maintained. *
The school has enough room for all program needs. *
There is adequate security (video, surveillance, access control) to protect students and staff in each building. *
There is adequate outdoor lighting at each of the school buildings. *
There is enough parking at each of the schools. *
Athletic facilities are adequate in comparison to similar-sized districts. *
The financial status of the district is well communicated. *
The district provides adequate financial resources to support a quality educational program. *
The district demonstrates financial responsibility. *
Visitors feel welcomed at each school. *
Stakeholders are given opportunities to help identify needed changes in the district. *
I have opportunities to show my support for the school district. *
I support the programs and initiatives of the school district. *
I am pleased with the progress of the district. *
The biggest strength of the district is:
The biggest challenge for the district is:
What opportunities would you like to have available for our students?
If our district were to have weekly professional development early-outs, what challenges do you foresee ?
Please feel free to use this space to make any other additional comments.
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