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Please use this form if directed by your Applied Faculty.
It has been updated to include a field for a link to an online file for the purposes of distance learning.

***DO NOT use this form for Jazz juries***
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Use the 1st of the month for the month you are expected to graduate. Typical graduation months are May, September, and February.
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Use a/b to designate the number of semesters at this level, e.g. 117a would be your first semester at the 117 level. Typically you would use 'a' for fall juries, and 'b' for spring juries UNLESS you started mid-year or took a semester off. (When in doubt, check SPIRE!)
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Jury Requests
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Please indicate which (if any) recital you are applying for. Note: If this is a Spring Jury, you should be applying for recitals occurring in BOTH fall and spring of next year. If you have any questions about when you should be applying for your recital, please ask your applied teacher.
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If you are applying for a recital, please indicate the semester you expect to complete it.
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*** Only select a track below if you have chosen to apply for an additional degree track, or if you wish to change your track***
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Please list each entry on a separate line. Indicate which were performed, where, and when.
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Please include a link to your file(s). These should be links to your file on a cloud service (e.g. Google Drive, Box, YouTube, etc.). Please double check that this link enables sharing access, otherwise the faculty won't be able to access your file. If you have more than one file, place each file on a separate line (place returns between each).
List the piece(s) you will be performing during this jury.
Please list each entry on a separate line.
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Please enter the name of your accompanist for this jury. If no accompanist, enter "N/A"
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