RJTL Survey of Services and Resources Summer 2018
This questionnaire is designed to (1) collect information about your experiences using the Robert J. Terry Library, (2) provide an opportunity for you to provide input on a new forward-looking research facility. Please use the space at the end of the survey to express your dreams for TSU's new library by 5:00 pm August 8, 2018. Thanks for participating. Results will be published on the TSU Library Website.
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Personal use of Robert J. Terry Library
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Format Preference
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Center for Academic Success
One of the emerging trends on academic campuses is the idea of integrating support services. Some models couple libraries with writing centers, instructional technology, training and professional development departments, community spaces, online learning support, etc. Would the efficiencies of partnering the library with other support systems in one location be of value to you?
Special Collections
TSU's Special Collections include the University's Traditional Arts Museum, The Barbara Jordan Collection, numerous antique books, including some first editions, and many other collections of value. While some items are being digitized, the community continues to express appreciation for the opportunity to "experience" the physical objects. If the collection grows, it could occupy 10-15 % of the space. Are you committed to this level of commitment?
Access and ADA
Reading and study areas, the collections and networked workstations will meet minimum ADA requirements for access. Please list other enhancements that you would like the new learning environment to include as a "MUST HAVE.
New technology.
Please list new technologies that you recommend for the new library:
Open Labs
Which of the following options represents the most critical investment in discovery and experiential learning?
Instructional Laboratories
Information Literacy and communication literacy are pillars of TSU's commitment to excellence. The library's commitment to literacy enhancement requires point of need as well as formal instruction in a technology-rich environment. How important is the availability of lab space for instructional purposes?
Access and Services
"Access and Services" encompasses the timeliness and effectiveness of information retrieval and relates to the quality of service you receive both on- and off-site. Please identify the type of service points you feel is MOST IMPORTANT to timeliness and effectiveness.
Access to Staff
Library Environment
"Library Environment" includes the components of the library that facilitate learning in a productive way. A variety of learning styles should be addressed. Space is provided at the end of the survey for suggestions. Please identify your preferred types of spaces.
Study Space
Please check the TOP THREE (3) PREFERRED OPTIONS for study spaces.
"Aesthetics" includes furnishings, interior design, colors, textures, etc.
Please check the top 3 iconic design features that you'd like to see in the new library.
Outside Space
Would you consider using outside space associated with the library?
Public Address System
What advantage/disadvantage would the library realize from a public address system?
Your answer
The library will vacate the existing location. What type of way-finding and signage (inside and outside) would you like to see?
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Extra Convenience Features
Many library users have cited a need for refreshments in the library. Is this an option that you think is necessary?
Structural and Mechanical
This section, "Structural and Mechanical", relates to elevators, water fountains, restrooms, stairways) and other building integrity components that ensure that the facility is safe and functional.
Structural and Mechanical
Please LIST structural and mechanical MUST HAVES for the new library.
Your answer
Services for Remote Users: Satisfaction with remote access to library resources
As TSU moves toward equal access to learning resources for all enrolled students, regardless of location, timely access to relevant resources grows in importance. This section provides an opportunity to assess what is currently provided.
Access to Online Assistance
On a scale of 1(low) to 5(high) rate the CURRENT ADEQUACY of access to remote assistance (phone and email).
Access to Online Assistance and Resources
If given an option, which would you prefer as a primary text for information?
If the Robert J. Terry Library did not have the book you needed in print, which option are you most likely to choose?
Which do you prefer?
Please use this space to complete this statement: "If I could design a new library for Texas Southern University, the new library would ..."
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Thank you for your assistance! Use the space below to add comments, suggestions.
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